• Steve Huffman

The Apps I Use

Each year I try to update to the applications I use to maintain a high level productivity without the applications getting in my way with distractions. Most years the applications remain the same, however this year I have made some significant shifts.

Below are the 2019 applications I use - what apps do you use to keep productive?

Apple Notes - I have successfully navigated almost a year outside of the Evernote ecosystem and I’m not sure I will go back. I watch intently the Evernote progress as they untangle the mess that was made, but I realize that having a minimalistic application that stores my notes in a way I need them is fine. Add to that the flexibility to use my Apple Pencil natively with no limitations and I cannot find another application that I trust. I’ve tried Notability, Good notes, Onenote, Evernote to name a few and I just need to have a reliable notes system that can organize, search and quickly enter new notes.

Word - I have been tempted by Ulysses, Bear and other writing apps but the hands down grind it out everyday writing tool comes down to Microsoft Word. It just works and with the Office365 subscription it's well worth the price.

Scrivener - Writing a longer manuscript in Word seems laborious. I have four writing projects that I have been plodding along to completion and I use Scrivener to keep them going and to keep them organized. Maybe a book in the future? (or 4?)

Fantastical - My daily calendar app is Fantastical and it works brilliantly. For any forward planning at a high level I use a PDF 12 month calendar from timeanddate.com that I use to hand write (using an Apple Pencil) high level plans. The PDF file is stored in Apple Notes and pinned to the top of my everyday work note folder.

Todoist - I recently transitioned from Things3 to Todoist. Productivity applications are a dime a dozen, and I like to have a company that is highly communicative and fits in an ecosystem that is not hard to use. Things3 was a beautiful application but the company just does not communicate across the long haul and it makes me wonder if they are going to be a viable application long term. Todoist is the central repository for all of my work and personal tasks.

Olive Tree Bible Software – No changes here. Simply the best Bible and reference program.

DayOne - I’ve been using this journaling application for over eight years now and with hundreds and hundreds of entries and regularly fitting this into my work flow I cannot imagine another application for my personal journal.

Basecamp - For teams at work I have found that Basecamp is the ideal solution. While it initially seems too basic, the customization around the ease of use creates a great design to keep teams sharing the information they need without the bloat.

iCloud storage - Yes I realize this is locked into the Apple ecosystem, but it is what I use and it creates a seamless repository between all of my devices.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash