• Steve Huffman

My Application Mix 2017 Update

It has been a year since I posted my application mix 2016 and it is time for a refresh. I am asked frequently what applications I use to stay productive and organized. Here is my 2017 application mix:

Evernote Premium – This continues to be the go-to application for all note taking needs. I have thousands and thousands of notes and use this application regularly. I’ve organized all of my folders, shortcuts and haven’t changed my note taking process in years. This is definitely still worth the premium subscription cost.

Fantastical – This also has not changed since my 2016 application mix listing. I have multiple calendars I use for planning and organization and there just isn’t another calendar app that creates the flexibility I require. I have a main “work” calendar, a personal calendar, a planning calendar, a “family fun” calendar that lists all of the festivals and events near us and a prayer calendar. All of these are color coded and rolled up into a since weekly fantastical view. There just isn’t another application that works this well for my complex calendar needs.

Olive Tree Bible Software – Again I’ve not changed my electronic bible software and my previous investment in books is used regularly. Over the last year I did request that all of my notes and highlights be reset so I could “restart” my note and highlighting in my electronic version of the Bible through this software.

Things 3 – This was a substantial change from 2016. I think I have tried almost all of the major brands of task management systems, including paper, and have landed on the simplicity of Things 3. I was not sure it would keep up with the requirements I have for a task management system, but the simplicity is deceiving as there is a powerful engine behind it that allows for tagging, searching, categorizing, etc. It is well worth the price! Highly recommended!

DayOne – Yes I realize they changed their pricing model to subscription based. Yes I realize it can be expensive, but in my opinion it is entirely worth it. I would easily fork out $50/year in paper journals and having the flexibility to quickly post a picture and a journal entry is worth it. It is BY FAR the easiest journaling workflow that I’ve come across and it sits separate from all other apps, which in my opinion is a must. I’ve tried using Evernote for personal journaling, but I find myself getting distracted and having the formatting tools available is a huge plus.

I continue to use Office365 and heavily rely on Onedrive. They are almost “requirements” for what I do daily.