• Steve Huffman

Advanced Calendaring: How to Manage a Complex Calendar

You likely have heard it a million times, and maybe even repeat it daily – “There’s a lot going on”. In a world of work commitments, personal appointments, keeping track of where the kids need to be, trying to schedule some fun in your life and working on planning in a complex world, having some type of calendaring system is critical. I’ve spent a few years developing my “system”.

Individuals typically have a work calendar and a personal calendar, but I’ve found that creating multiple calendars to help organize and plan are a key to success. My office uses Office365 and Outlook for it’s calendar and I use Google Calendar for all other needs. In total I have 5 calendars and hers is how I break them down.

Calendar #1 – Outlook Work Calendar – I use this for work appointments and it is a requirement so my coworkers can seamlessly busy search my calendar.

Calendars #2-5 are powered by Google Calendar from my personal account.

Calendar #2 -Personal calendar – This calendar lists all personal appointments that I need to be at or birthdays that I should remember.

Calendar #3 – Prayer calendar – This lists all major prayer requests and my daily “all day” repeating prayer categories. If someone says they have a doctors appointment at 3pm on Monday I enter it into this calendar and pray at that specific time. For every day I have a prayer theme to ensure I am praying for my teams and various aspects of the church regularly.

Calendar #4 – Planning calendar – This is the calendar that I use to log any major anchor event that will require extra planning for that day. Any item in this calendar is listed in the “all day” category that shows at the top of the calendar. There are no scheduled events for this calendar. The scheduled events that go with these items are listed in my work calendar.

Calendar #5 – Family Fun calendar – Any event that we might attend at a whim is on this calendar. Car shows, movie release date that we learn about, parades, fireworks, fairs, etc. are entered. We may not go to them, but it is handy to have at a glance if we just want to run to an event.

I use Fantastical to manage all of my calendars into a single view that is color coded. Here is a sample screen shot of Fantastical with my calendar setup: