• Steve Huffman

Spiritual Bucket List

I’m 44 years old (as I write this) and the weight of time has become a more heavy reality recently. I’m in good health and I’m more energized about life than ever, yet I have a renewed sense of “I’ve got to get after this stuff….” bubbling in me. I’ve never had a bucket list of things I need to check off before I die but the thought of getting focused around the larger things in life and the limited time I have left led me to consider a spiritual bucket list. A list that is pushes me beyond normal annual goals or pithy wish lists and is leading me to follow God in such a radical way that my boundaries are being reset.

I doubt the concept of a spiritual bucket list is new. While doing some research on great spiritual bucket lists (try Googling “spiritual bucket list”) I saw many spiritual destination locations and self help suggestions. Suggestions of prayer resorts, experiences for healing your past, finding inner peace and exercises that will increase joy seem to top the list. That wasn’t the list I was looking for. While those are interesting they don’t significantly motivate me many of those can be completed out of my own strength. God wouldn’t even have to show up…. That’s not right! I decided that my spiritual bucket list should be something that so excites me that I literally launch out of bed in the morning. A spiritual bucket list should ONLY be able to be accomplished when God shows up and amazes me through the process. When I stretch into my spiritual bucket list I should see God’s fingerprints throughout it as He would need to open the doors and make the way or I’d fall down in the process. He would need to show up and show off as I could never complete this list out of my own strength.

Don’t get me wrong, these are not about “me” and what I can see or do. These are about Jesus. They are about creating an environment around me that significantly impacts the word with His love and His power. It is about really understanding how much God wants to interact with us and impact not only our own lives, but the lives around us. I cannot imagine a more exciting time to go after the things that God can do!

Here’s my list…. What’s yours?

  • Live out of a wildly strong identity in Christ

  • Regularly fall in love with the Bible and it’s author

  • Steward a family relationship with Jesus that is unshakeable

  • Learn to worship God in new and unique ways each year, even if I look stupid doing it

  • Pray for / share Christ to 500 people a year

  • Raise at least one person from the dead (Matthew 10:8)

  • Give away 90% of our income per year and live on 10%

  • Write at least 1 book that is meaningful to many

  • Introduce and foster a kingdom mindset into the local marketplace and city government

  • Make Jesus famous by regularly teaching in a multitude of locations and settings (both marketplace and ministry)

  • Be invited to teach and share kingdom principles to the largest organizations in the region

  • Read 20 books a year that stretch me

  • Help to end homelessness is South Bend forever

  • Help create a church planting and leadership development process that is not dependent on me and launches at least 50 churches in 30 years

  • Help start and lead a tent revival where 1,000 people come to know Jesus