• Steve Huffman

Perhaps the Lord: Giving God Room

After hearing a great message in the fall and while praying about some major initiatives recently I have become more aware of the importance of giving God room to move. While God can certainly move any direction He wants in any situation, what I believe He has shown me is that our prayers and our expectations of what He can do are woefully inadequate. If we believe God can provide the BEST answer, are we asking Him for things that are miles too short of what he could provide?

In 2 Samuel 14:6, Jonathan leads his armor bearer to an interesting journey and says to his young armor bearer “Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf.” Are we leaning in to situations and giving God room to show up? Are we praying prayers that, if He answered, would ONLY give glory to Him because it would be impossible to accomplish in your own strength? Are we trying to get a glimpse of what God may want to happen, stepping in to that and asking Perhaps the Lord….?

This has substantially changed my prayer life and I now encourage:

  • Pray instead of act toward my desired outcome – There are times that I act first to get the outcome that I desire, hoping or assuming that God will agree with me. I’m learning to pray and give God room to move. I’ve seen more answer to prayer because I’m giving God space where I used to jump out of my own effort.

  • Pray and ask for a timeframe – I don’t do this to test God, but perhaps the Lord will answer my prayer instead of putting an open ended ask. It builds expectation.

  • Pray the crazy prayers – When we were looking for a new church property for a campus we prayed some crazy wild prayers. Looking back it allowed us to see God in the process more clearly. We saw things that only God could have done in response to those prayers.

  • Pray with expectation that it will be answered – If you are going to pray it, then test it. If you pray for healing, check it out right away. If you want an answer to a question, have paper and pencil in hand expecting an answer.

Perhaps the Lord…..