• Steve Huffman

My Application Mix

I’m a fan of productivity and applications that can “improve” my efficiency. Like most productivity junkies it’s your system instead of your apps that make you more productive however finding the next greatest app is always on my mind. After years of tweaking I think I’ve probably got the best application mix I can ever recall, and I’ve finally dumped Outlook! Here is the rundown (Mac applications only) and for each application below I own the iPhone application as well.

Evernote Premium – Yes I pay for the premium subscription and yes it’s worth it. Evernote is my digital notebook and the place where meeting notes, invoices, guitar chords for songs, messages, etc. are stored.

Airmail 3 – I’ve used Airmail before but never converted it to my primary email client. When version 3 was released I thought I’d give it another go and I’ve now converted 100% to it. With integration to 2Do and Fantastical it’s enhanced my productivity substantially.

Fantastical 2 – A great calendar application and definitely worth the cost. Integrates into Airmail and allows simple calendar entry and multiple calendar access.

2Do – I’ve come to realize there is no perfect task management system, but 2Do is about as close as it gets. I use to be an Omnifocus user but it just became too cumbersome to constantly tweak. I need to enter tasks and complete tasks in a flowing manner. Omnifocus seemed like a aircraft carrier, while 2Do seems like a sleek destroyer that is much more nimble.

Olive Tree Bible Software – I’ve used it so long and added texts to it’s library it has become indispensable.

Day One App version 2 – Journaling is important!

Microsoft 365 subscription – Because you have to.