• Steve Huffman

Why I Want to Resign Every Month!

When I turned in my resignation as President of a hospital in the midwest I heard the nicest things! Like really nice, incredibly powerful never heard them before things. People stop me in the hall and share all the things they have thought they liked that I’ve had my hand on. I received cards and emails congratulating me and giving me encouragement. It was invigorating! As I look back I’ve done the same thing when others have left. I’ve stopped to give them a note of encouragement before they left and wished them well.

It got me thinking – Do I encourage people enough BEFORE they leave? Sure it’s easy to say something nice when they are leaving, and who is actually going to say something bad to someone on their way out? (I’m sure it happens).

Why don’t we encourage one another when we see each other so routinely?

Take time out of your day today and write an encouraging note to someone you work with. For a minute, pretend like they are leaving and write what’s on your heart, and then erase all of the stuff about how you will miss them and any references to their “next thing”. Just take a few minutes to really encourage someone – It might just change their life.