• Steve Huffman

Considerations for Launching an Onsite Video Campus

We had the incredible opportunity over the course of 2015 to plan for and launch an onsite video campus at the Vineyard. We were stretched for space in our main auditorium at our busiest services and made the decision to use our secondary auditorium, which was being utilized for children’s ministry, for an onsite campus.

During our planning phases we had conversations with a number of churches who had good, and bad, experiences with video campuses. After a lot of consideration we launched and have live worship, live announcements and ministry time and pipe in the video message live.

Here were the primary drivers for our launch:

We needed space – for new attendees being packed in like sardines can be uncomfortable. We always try to be friendly to someone coming for the first time to experience what God has for them. Building a larger auditorium was going to take too long and we already were doing 5 services – adding a sixth was discussed and previously tried but it we found 5 was a practical limit. (2 Saturday services and 3 Sunday services).

We needed a place for leaders to develop – Our lead pastor has a passion for leadership development and for future campus or church planters. To have an incubator space to walk through actually launching and supporting a campus onsite has been invaluable. We now have a location that individuals can get behind the microphone and get feedback before they are in front of hundreds of people. We treat it like our onsite video campus like a full service, however it is also intentionally used as an incubator of talent.

People like a smaller feel – Our Vineyard still has a heart for “small”. Having an onsite video campus allows for a venue of no more than 125 people to come together. It’s a smaller feel and people LOVE it. Very quickly we heard that people were transitioning to the video campus because it felt small and they liked that. They like the sound quieter we’ve heard individuals with sensory issues who can’t handle so many people around them find comfort in a smaller setting. Just tonight someone shared that all of the sound and backgrounds in our main service gives them migrants and they find comfort in a smaller setting.